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Dragon Stop Pest Control treats all sorts of pests such bed bugs. The methods we adopt are both efficient and thorough to ensure the pests are permanently eliminated. Each of our sessions begins with an in-depth survey of your property, this allows us to pinpoint problem areas and develop a plan to eliminate the pests. We only use non-toxic pesticides to ensure no harm to adults, children, or pets. Our pest control service includes treatments, proofing, trapping and monitoring. 

Dragon Stop Pest Control Treatment

Bed bugs are a significant risk to health!

Bed bug infestations are a recognised major problem. Bed bugs have spread beyond the bedroom and are now present in places such as shops, hospitals, offices, public transport, hotels and other accommodation.

Bed bugs infestation is usually found in beds, under mattresses, and in bed frames. These are all perfect hiding places for bedbugs to stay until you go to sleep and bed bugs can bite and feed on you.

Bed bugs are one of the worlds greatest travellers. They are hitch-hikers and rely mostly on humans to help transport them. They are often transported via clothing, purses, luggage, bedding and furniture. If you stayed at a place where bed bugs were present, you would most probably carry them into your home too.

Signs of a bed bug infestation

  • bed bugs bite and you only realise that you have a bed bug infestation, once you see bite marks on your skin, leaving a patch or trail of red marks

  • Finding blood stains on your pillow or your bed sheets

  • Dark or black spots around the mattress seams

  • Bed bug eggshells around the seams and bed frames

  • Encountering a living specimen.

We are trained to uncover and identify areas of bed bug infestation. We use professional grade treatments and techniques to eradicate bed bugs.​

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