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With over 20 years professional pest experience, Dragon Stop Pest Control is the premier choice for pest control. We provide safe, fast and effective pest control in both domestic and commercial environments. Our highly trained Pest Control Technicians are skilled to identify and eradicate all pests. We are industry leaders in competitive pricing, deliver dependable customer satisfaction and fully guarantee our services. As members of The National Pest Technicians AssociationCheckatrade and working with pest control guidance from The British Pest Control Association, we are a fully qualified and insured Service Provider offering a quick and discreet response.

Dragon Stop Pest Control provides an affordable and managed pest control service that is competent in every facet of both domestic and commercial pest treatments.


Over the years we have made thousands of clients happy by helping them to get rid of unwanted pests, both domestic and commercial clients, including big brand hotels, hostels, restaurants, shops, and takeaways in residential and commercial settings. Read our testimonials

As members of the National Pest Technicians Association and 

guidance from The British Pest Control Association, we are a fully qualified and insured service provider offering a quick and discreet response.


We understand that discovering pests in your home is stressful and unpleasant and in a commercial setting can lead to a loss of business, bad impression and dent a hard earned reputation.


Dragon Stop Pest Control - About us
Dragon Stop Pest Control Service

London’s dense urban population creates a natural breeding ground for pests such as rats, mice, ants, wasps and nuisance birds amongst others,  as they seek sources of food and shelter. Yet, during the timeline of Covid 19 restrictions, there has been an increase of pest activity, especially with rats and mice.

According to British Pest Control Association (BPCA), empty buildings, deserted streets and reduced footfall provide an ideal opportunity for rodents to thrive across London, with rats and mice seemingly becoming bolder, braver and more innovative in finding food and shelter in the shutdown. In these unprecedented times, BPCA argues there is an urgent need to ensure that effective pest management is implemented.

We can effectively bring under control and eradicate rodents, crawling insects, flying insects, bed bugs, nuisance birds and other wildlife.

See our service section for more details.

This is done in a professional, discreet and affordable manner with a fast response to your problem. We can also offer advice on how to proof against and avoid further pest issues.


We provide professional pest control services within the areas of London Borough of Barnet, London Borough of Harrow, London Borough of Hillingdon, London Borough of Brent, Watford, Bushey and Rickmansworth


Throughout our 20 year experience we dealt with pest infestations and a result we have gained vast expertise within the pest control industry, enabling us to provide domestic and commercial customers an exceptional pest control service.




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Dragon Stop Pest Control Service




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Domestic and commercial pest services

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